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Global Credit Solutions AG strives to provide our clients with the latest technologies and security measures to keep all information secure and safe. Our servers are housed in modern state-of-the art Data Centres, offering unparalleled uptime and redundancy, ensuring that all data is available at a moment’s notice, across the globe.

We have ensured that all data is housed behind the latest Cisco firewalls with no external access possible. Access into our servers are managed through highly secure VPN tunnels, using triple DES Encryption and SFTP with SSH.

HIPAA Compliance

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, provides standards for protecting sensitive Patient Health Information (PHI). Any company dealing in PHI will ensure that all security measures have been set in place to protect this information.

How does Global Credit Solutions AG ensure compliance?

  • Physical security:

    All servers are housed in secure data rooms with limited access to authorised individuals. All workstations and notebooks are password protected, with strict password policies in place.

  • Auditing:

    Audit trails are used for any movement of data between users and any activity on our internal systems.

  • Network and Connectivity:

    We use the latest VPN tunnel technologies, to link our clients with our servers for highly secure data communication. Any workstation accessing data internally, also uses VPN connectivity to ensure complete data protection.

  • Email:

    Secure email is used at all times for the transmission of PHI. Transmission of any email containing PHI is automatically encrypted before being sent.

Customised Solutions

We utilise the latest software technology to ensure that our staff maintain high efficiency levels, ensuring incomparable levels of client satisfaction.
Our collection system is actively developed in-house, by highly trained staff to provide an efficient and world class debt recovery system, ensuring that a fully customised solution can be developed to each individual client’s needs, at a moments notice.