Global Credit Solutions AG is a HIPAA compliant international collection company specialising in the recovery of international patient accounts.

We operate on a worldwide basis 7 days a week to ensure that we are able to take into consideration the working days of Islamic countries. As we are centrally based in Europe there are no time zone restraints

Our services include collections in the following areas:

  • Self-pay accounts
  • Insurance verification and claim processing
  • Embassy and consular accounts

Front end onsite training for registration and patient access staff members thereby ensuring process improvements to maximise recovery

All accounts are handled by our own employees at our 2 office locations in Spain & Switzerland.

We invest heavily in our employees who are educated and multi-lingual professionals. This level of education ensures that our account managers can individually assess the specific needs of the file and what is required to ultimately ensure that the amounts due are recovered in a timely and amicable manner.

Within 24 hours of placement:

  • The patient’s address is verified and a letter is sent in the patient’s applicable language
  • The file is allocated to an account manager depending upon the patient’s mother tongue and the country within which the patient resides This is the only standard procedure for the collection of the international patient accounts. International collections are very unique and therefore it is imperative that the processes are not standardised to ensure that the accounts can follow a natural flow and not be dictated by excessive procedures.

    Thereafter all accounts are handled on an individual basis to ensure that we respect the culture of the patient and their particular circumstances at all times. Furthermore, to ensure continuity and patient friendly collections only one account manager will be responsible for the file from placement to closure. The patient will, therefore, always know who is handling their account.

    We have a continual programme of in-house training to ensure that all of our employees adhere to the standards imposed by HIPAA, FDCPA and any country specific legal requirements.

  • We do not have any stipulations or conditions with regard to when the account is placed
  • It is solely at your discretion to decide how long you hold the account prior to placement
  • We have no minimum placement amount requirements