Global Credit Solutions AG is an international collection company specialising in the recovery of cross border debts.

Our services include collections in the following areas:

As a company we understand the importance of employing educated professionals in order to ensure that all collections are undertaken in a legal and ethical manner. Our account managers in addition to being trained negotiators are recruited from numerous nationalities.

It is imperative in international collections that all debtors are communicated with in their mother tongue as well as shown the utmost respect of their cultural needs and requirements. Furthermore, our continued programme of in-house training makes certain that our account managers adhere to any country specific legal prerequisites along with jurisdictional obligations rendered in the countries of our clients.

With the assistance of our IT department, compliance officer and management structure safeguards are in place to ensure continued monitoring of all accounts placed with our organisation.

We own the proprietary rights to all of our operating systems which are continually being developed by our software programmers. All client information is housed in a secure data centre on dedicated hardware. Physical access is restricted to key personnel only. Network access to servers is only available through VPN using IPSec over UDP.